It is known that art influences children’s aesthetic sense, as well as their intellect and spiritual values ... Art has always beenand still remains a universal means of a child’s upbringing.
We mean to introduce you to the diversity of art, and children’s art-house “DEPHANIkidArt” was establishedwith this intent.
The primary goal of the creative process at the art-house is to develop artistic and creative skills in the juveniles, form their mindset, elaborate aesthetic sense and the right attitude guiding them through the world of spiritual values;this activates human thinking, while active mind, in its turn, is the greatest good given by art.
Our mission: Introduce youngsters to world culture and art through transferringbook learning and hands-on knowledge, which is impossible without study of individual fields of art. At “DEPHANIkidArt”, individual fields of art are not studied separately, but in synthesis, as a single creative process.  Ideally, a child (teenager) should partake of this process at an early age, therefore, it should be directed in such a way that primarilythe learners’creative talentsare revealed. Moreover, they will gain theoretical knowledge on the specific character of artistic thought, its individual areas.
Creative process in all the areas for which the programs of the children’s art-house are designed, enriches the inner world of a young person, amplifies imagination, visual thinking, memory, etc. In short, it contributes to shaping the child into a consummate individual.
“DEPHANI kidArt”is staffed with a team of qualified teachers who have vast experience of working with children. By applying group and individual approaches, they vector each child’s creative talent in the right direction.
Our teachers know exactly that each child is talented…
“DEPHANI kidArt”offers warm, cozy and safe environment. This is why children feel very comfortable and happy around here.